Why We Started Mint Hill

We have two goals at Mint Hill: to simplify our clients’ financial lives and help them proactively create wealth. While these goals represent the core focus of our business, they have very little to do with us. Instead, they come directly from you, the physicians and dentists we’ve partnered with for the past 14 years. 

Mint Hill was our response to your needs.

Whether you’re new to our firm or have been with us from the beginning, we want to share with you the heart behind Mint Hill, and show how we set out to simplify your financial life and proactively create wealth for your family.

Simplifying Your Financial Life

As a firm, we specialize in working with physicians and dentists. We know that years of education and hard work have set you on a path to success, but that success also creates financial complexities along the way. Our focus is to simplify and streamline your financial life.

Guiding Your Financial Journey

Your financial journey is unique. On average, you start your career much later and carry significantly more debt than your peers in other lines of work. Eventually, you earn more income, but this leaves you with higher taxes and a shorter time horizon to meet your financial goals. 

Our focus: To understand what you need at each stage of your financial journey. We don’t waste your time but focus effort and attention on what matters most at each stage of your life.


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Freeing Up Your Time

Your occupation is highly demanding. Most clients come to us because they want to prioritize their time on what matters most: their families and their practice. They know that finances are critical but don’t want to spend more time than necessary sorting through the details. 

Our focus: To serve as your family’s CFO (Chief Financial Officer) by laying out your options and implementing the plan. As CEO, you always have the final say but won’t be bogged down with the day-to-day operations.

Specializing in You

We serve physicians and dentists, but this is only part of the story. The reality is that your financial needs will vary depending upon your specialty, practice type, and career phase.

Our focus: To be your specialist. We serve over 225 physicians and dentists across the country and are focused in the areas that matter most to you. Whether you’re in training, an employee, a partner, or own your own practice, our firm is designed to serve your needs.

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Seeking to Proactively Create Wealth

Our firm’s investment philosophy is built on the foundation of asset diversification and minimizing investment expenses. These methods are time-tested and will always be at the core of our investment strategy. But we are never complacent. We are always looking for new opportunities to help you reach your goals more effectively.  

Maximizing Tax Efficiency

Taxation plays a significant role on the net returns in your portfolio, yet it is commonly overlooked among investors. 

Our focus: To minimize your tax liability. In brokerage accounts, we harvest your losses at the end of each year, then use these losses to offset your gains. In tax-sheltered accounts, we optimize the location of asset types to maximize your tax-free and tax-deferred gains. The result is more dollars in your pocket and less to Uncle Sam.

Prioritizing Innovation

Technology is advancing rapidly. Innovations in areas like artificial intelligence, autonomy, genomics, and fintech are changing the way we do business, and the companies who embrace these developments will lead us in the decades ahead.

Our focus: To provide our clients investment strategies that seek to capitalize on the potential growth and diversification intrinsic in these disruptive technologies. 

Providing Exposure to Private Markets

Physicians are familiar with private investment in surgery centers or real estate associated with their practice. But increasingly over the last several years, similar opportunities in other industries have become available to accredited investors.

Our focus: To identify and vet partners in the private investment space with strong track records in sectors such as real estate, energy, and private banking. We work closely with our clients who are accredited investors to identify options that align with their risk tolerance and goals.

Bringing It All Together

Before we founded Mint Hill, we listened closely to our physician and dentist clients. We observed the areas of our business you most valued, but also noted the areas you felt we lacked. 

As these notes accumulated, we made the decision to set out on our own in July 2020. This gave us the independence to fully pursue the areas of your financial lives you’ve told us matter most to you.

The result was Mint Hill. 

As we share these facets of our firm’s identity, we want to thank you for the role you’ve played in our development. We are grateful to serve you, and look forward to simplifying your financial life and helping you proactively create wealth for years to come.

If you aren’t currently working with us, we’re always open to meeting new clients and seeing how we may be able to help. Whether you’ve already started planning for the future or have yet to put strategies in place, we encourage you to reach out to us today for a complimentary introductory appointment by calling 833-421-1140 or emailing us at

About Matt

Matt Lessman is partner and Chief Operating Officer at Mint Hill Wealth Management, an independent, boutique wealth management firm serving physicians, dentists and their families. With over 10 years of experience, Matt’s role is to oversee operations and assist in developing the private equity arm of the firm. He spends his days steering the Mint Hill ship, bringing organization and process to the growing firm and using his analytical and strategic skills to enhance the team. 

Matt holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Truman State University and is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner. When he’s not in the office, you can find Matt spending time with his wife, Katie, and their four children. 

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