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Simplify Complexity

As a physician or dentist, your financial journey is unique. On average, you start your career much later and carry significantly more debt than your peers in other lines of work. Eventually, you earn a higher income, but this leaves you with higher taxes and a shorter time horizon to meet your financial goals.

At Mint Hill, we understand this, and focus on providing expertise in this area. Our goal is to simplify the complexity of your financial life at each stage in your financial journey.

Your Financial Journey



  • Disability Protection
  • Liability Protection
  • Debt Management


Enter Practice

  • Contract Negotiation
  • Benefits Planning
  • Increase Disability
  • Term Life Protection


Establish Foundation

  • Cash Flow Planning
  • Eliminate Bad Debt
  • Home Purchase
  • Basic Estate Planning
  • Practice Management


Long-Term Planning

  • Debt Planning
  • Investment Strategy
  • Retirement Planning
  • Education Planning
  • Tax Planning


Advanced Planning

  • Alternative Investments
  • Advanced Estate Planning
  • Advanced Tax Planning

How we simplify finances for you along your journey

Training Phase

Disability Protection

Protecting your most valuable asset, your income. We independently shop out true own occupation coverage across the top carriers.

Liability Protection

Ensuring basic layers of protection are in place to protect your net worth now and in the future.

Debt Management

Assessing your loan repayment/deferral/forgiveness option to set you on the best long-term path for your situation.

Entering Practice

Contract Negotiation

Negotiating terms of compensation in line with your value at each stage in your career.

Benefits Planning

Coordinating your employer benefits with your financial plan to put more money in your pocket.

Disability Increase

Increasing or decreasing disability coverage to ensure sufficient income protection at each stage of your career.

Term Life Protection

Protecting family or partners from financial catastrophe in the event of death.

Establishing Your Foundation

Cash Flow Planning

Creating a plan for how money flows through your life.

Bad Debt Elimination

Prioritizing the elimination of debt holding high interest rates, unfavorable terms, or simply inhibiting your peace of mind.

Home Purchase

Planning for and executing home and property purchases throughout your financial life.

Basic Estate Planning

Making basic plans for your loved ones in the event of death.

Practice Management

Guiding you through the process of buying, managing or selling your own practice.

Long-Term Planning

Debt Planning

Creating a debt repayment plan that contributes to reaching your goals in the most efficient manner.

Investment Strategy

Establishing and managing your asset allocation in alignment with your goals and risk tolerance level.

Retirement Planning

Identifying your short-, mid-, and long-range goals, and creating a plan to reach them.

Tax Planning

Making financial decisions to minimize your short-and long-term tax liability in legal and ethical ways.

Advanced Planning

Alternative Investments

Incorporating private investments to increase your portfolio's potential return and diversification.

Advanced Estate Planning

Working closely with your attorney to create an advanced plan for your loved ones in the event of death.

Advanced Tax Planning

Working closely with your CPA to create an advanced plan to minimize your tax burden in legal and ethical ways.

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