Mint Hill Monthly – June 2023

Below are selected updates and articles from the month of June. Please enjoy.

1) We welcome a new addition to the Mint Hill Family. Eleanor (Ellie) Mae Simonds was born on June 10th to Bethany and Zachary Simonds. As client engagement manager, Bethany plays an important role in celebrating the special moments in our clients’ lives, and we are overjoyed to share this special moment of hers with you.


2) Below are several articles you may find interesting from the last month. For those short on time, I’ve also provided a quick synopsis of each. 

  • Warren Buffett’s Advice to Parents Read Article Most parents either wait until their kids are teenagers to teach them about money or don’t teach them at all. But kids can grasp basic financial concepts as early as age 3 and educating them early is important in establishing strong financial habits.
  • How to Ride Out the Stock Market’s Emotional Roller Coaster Read Article The market is incredibly volatile and always has been. The most successful investors expect this and adhere to a plan that governs their decisions and behavior over the long term.
  • The Rise of “Semi-Retirement” Read Article Financially independent retirees are choosing to go back to work at an increasing rate. They are often choosing jobs that bring them personal fulfillment and purpose, allow them an opportunity to keep learning, and provide a less stressful environment than they may have experienced in earlier years.
  • Who qualifies as an Accredited Investor may be changing soon Read Article The definition of an accredited investor is currently based on an investor’s income and net worth. However, a bill is being considered that would broaden this definition to include someone who has professional education or experience relating to the subject matter of the particular investment.
  • What to expect from the new and improved FAFSA Read Article The Federal Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is being overhauled. The result is expected to be a simpler application process with several changes designed to increase eligibility for the grant amongst students.
  • How colleges mislead students about the real price of tuition Read Article Schools are commonly understating the net price of attendance. This has made it difficult for applicants to determine affordability and has caused an increase in the college dropout rate.

Lastly, we want to take a moment to thank you for your trust. At Mint Hill, our greatest source of new clients comes from referrals from satisfied clients like you. If you have friends or colleagues who could benefit from our services, we would be honored to have the opportunity to work with them.

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Tyler Anderson, CFP®
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