Who We Serve


1. What is Mint Hill Wealth Management?
We are a financial planning firm for physicians, dentists, and their families. We have 3 advisors serving 250+ clients in 39 different states. Our job is to serve as your family’s Chief Financial Officer, helping you navigate each stage of your financial journey.

2. Are you independent?
Yes. Our firm operates independently and is not tied to any specific insurance or investment group.

3. Are you a fiduciary?
Yes. We hold ourselves to the fiduciary standard which legally obligates our firm to act in our clients’ best interests and only provide recommendations suited for them.

4. Why do you focus on physicians and dentists?
Because your financial journey is different than most. On average, you start your career much later and carry significantly more debt than your peers in other lines of work. Eventually, you earn a higher income, but this leaves you with higher taxes and a shorter time horizon to meet your financial goals. Your situation requires a specialist, and our firm is designed to meet this need relative to your specialty, practice type, and career phase.

5. Who would I be working with?
Your primary contacts with be Jake Stevenson and Barb Dodge.

6. Who is your typical client?

7. How much do you charge?

8. What if you don’t add value?

9. What are meetings like?

10. What do I need to prepare for the first meeting?

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